Takiyah and Cyrus

Takiyah and Cyrus 023-1 Takiyah and Cyrus 250-1 Takiyah and Cyrus 294-1 Takiyah and Cyrus 351-1 Takiyah and Cyrus 397


About newcreationphotographer

Who I am. I am Madison Brown, and I capture life in print. Photography is an art that I am grateful to share with families and individuals at pivotal times in their lives. I am happy to offer children's portraits, senior portraits, event photos, wedding photography, and family portraits. Twenty years of experience have developed my eye for the angles that capture precociousness in a two year old, bliss in a newly wed couple, and the timing to be present at those perfect moments when friendships formulate over finger foods at events and families bridge generational gaps when child laughter melds with older cackles over story telling at the rehearsal dinner. Life is fleeting and the key to our past is embedded in memories that become distant with time, but can be sharpened with photos that make those perfect yesterdays almost immortal. Anyone can take a picture, but can they capture the essence of a soul? My photography is more than just pictures; it is the visual representation of a story. My passion to incorporate photojournalism into my photography is undoubtedly what sets my work apart. For portrait sessions I encourage my clients to bring items that express exactly who you are. Bring your favorite hat, wear your favorite pair of jeans, and let children bring the toy they won't leave home without, incorporate elements of your life with symbols of your talents such as musical instruments or sports equipment. My goal is to depart from the traditional commercial photo, and enter into the realm of the personal portrait-- a biography written in an image. Let me be your guide when you are planning your walk down memory lane. You only live once, and no moment lives twice; entrust your memories carefully
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